Through the years the float family continues to record our efforts on the Rose Parade floats.  Every year new challenges abound and every year, the "Detail Crew" meets the challenge.  Every year we continue to be amazed at how intricate some of our work can be. 

Some of the detail crew have in excess of 20 years working on the floats.  Over those years you can learn a lot about how to put a seed, petal, walnut, acorn, seaweed and just about anything else you can imagine and some you can't

We want to thank all those dedicated folks who give up a lot of hours between December 26 and Jan 1 to participate in the worlds largest craft project!

We have chronicled some of the challenges from past years and hope you enjoy viewing them.


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Welcome to the 21st Century!


Every year the detail family gathers at "The Barn" to volunteer our talents to help the designers, builder and float sponsors produce the award winning floats that our barn has become famous for.  But some have asked is building floats all that the barn does?    


The answer is..... Oh No!  Want to see what we mean?  Check out these exciting videos.  Your not going to believe the high tech world of AES

And some of you will recognize a few folks and some familiar sounds

Speaking of Sounds....Turn up the sound.  Some of the music will bring back memories of those cold late nights where we may have been into the glue pots a bit!






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