Sisters Happy Detailers!   Will the real Yellow
Jacket raise their hand!
  Mom and Daughter Yeah I know it's
an all nighter!
    Same Sign,
different year!
More Pictures Coming Soon

Tracy Face
  sssssssssssss! The Lefty Righty
Let's through something
at Rick!

This year saw the
"Great Balls of China Challenge 2008"

Everyone in the detail department had their go at the balls!  We did not know just how much time would be spent on these spheres of art! 

The orbs gave cause to many statements of )(*&^% and (*&^%%!  After all, who can forget the great hole punch tool (did you ever find your screwdriver Alan?) so that the mums would stand vertical!  Alan and Rick can!  Those were the most vertical mums in the parade! 

The total detail hours on these alone were in the 100's!  Rumblings around detail central were that Alan and Rick were laying down on the job...for hours!  We know that Rick was there as he was signing!  (Hazard of Oasis Glue!)

Of course you would know that one of the balls, did not make it down the parade route this year.  READ BELOW



ost of the floats reached parade line without incident, except.................the red brick mum ball for China Air. (Yes Rick, the one you were so fed up with...I think you must like red brick mums as much as you like orange slices. lol.)

Anyways...Craig and Leslie went on convoy just incase there was any problem with the protesters and the Olympics float. They were on Huntington Drive and had come to a stop (they were in Craigs truck and Leslie was sleeping) when Craig noticed a huge brick red ball rolling past the truck. He went on to wake Leslie and tell her about the ball. Craig pulled over and chased the ball down Huntington Blvd. Said ball was apprehended and put in the back of the truck for later questioning. Said ball was later taken back to the barn for interrogation and not seen or heard from again. Yes, you have it right, the red brick ball did not make it down parade line.

    I wonder if these balls
roll well???
Should we tell him?
      How Long has he
been under there?
      One at a time!
Alan laying down on
the job
Under the ball!    

(Yellow Jacket ret.)

Terri supervising
the "Lime Ball"

    Sea Weed Experts
Alan & Peg
This one will stay on!
The foam technique   You want it when?  
Alans Lime Ball      
Keeping it between
 the lines
Patricia without
paint brush
  The Dodger sign
Team Jan & Cary    
Gale is Pats neighbor and
it is her "rookie" year!

This is Pats 2nd year at
the barn.  She is one of
our long distance visitors.

Judy gave us a break! Pegs Detail mentor!
  Something New! Future Detailer  
On the Parade Route Picture Album
Judgment day for Our Works of Art!
The Pins & Winners



You can purchase the pins on line through a company called Milestone Products

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