Pictured below are the pins that float workers use to receive from the float sponsors (All but a dream now!) as a small token of their appreciation for a job well done!  As you can see one pin is missing so in its place we put a special friend!



Thanks to all who submitted their pictures.  If you worked detail and would like to submit your pictures contact Rick at:


The Challenge

The Butterflies

The Mural


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Float Detailing can cause
strange results!

In the Beginning...aaaaahhhhh


At the end!

Rare photos of our leaders showing how the detail department can get to you!


Details newest "Yellow-jacket"

What do you mean they said
it looked like *&^%%*

Color guide After 32 years of friendship
it's come down to this?
I LOVE A FULL HOUSE! I wonder if Reggie will mind that
we used his Heisman???
Butter What?
Oh...How-bout some pizza Greg!
The art of gluing. Cindy & Tracy
The Family Tree!
Float decorators get into small places better.
Old pro Sam (Lori's son) explains the fine art of working in small places to first time float decorator Josette.
Aunt Cindy reports that Josette is hooked...Yet another yellow jacket in training!
Sam up high    
Aaaah...Sam and his kingdom!   Leslie and Charlotte demonstrate the punch and stuff technique to a VIP!
Tracy and her friend
The result of hours of detail!
Same sign different year! Buds celebrate the New Year!
The Other guys float The National champion
Texas Longhorns Float!
Disney China Air
Long Distance Detailers
 We came from Boston
to do this!
Sal came from North Carolina
to do this?
Wait til we get back to
Allentown Pa!

At midnight they called everyone up to the front where they had champagne and sparkling cider for everyone - a nice touch. Then it was back to work!

8 hours and counting!


I know what time it is!

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