December 27 - Here we go!

December 27...and here we go

Upside down Taco Bell or Lantern?

Geans and Laura are enjoying the new location of the detail department

Lise (L) (First Timer) and Peg (R) wonder if there are enough grapes to make some wine!



Sal, on left,(3rd timer from North Carolina) and Rick work on the China Airlines lanterns

Sign detail can take lots of time.

Cindy, Our leader gently (it's early) guides the crew as Genie looks on.

Dave and new bride, Margie work on Pac-Man heads, lots of heads!

Amy is working on a sign Lots of first timers. This young fellow came from Victorville Ca as part of a School group. First year Detailer, Lise finds a new use for a squirt bottle! Scott spent his first 15 hours working on his pig calendar!
Scotts steady hands and incredible patience make applying seaweed look easy! After 11 years, Genie has convinced Dwayne to come stick some stuff at the barn! she REWORK!!! This year it wasn't too bad, right! Tracy (R) (AKA, Face), resident expert in face detail (an art, trust me) and Sam (L) work up on a float!
  Our new home?    
Terry makes sure things
are in order!
The detail department occupied the barns paint booth this year. Good news, great light and not as cold, bad news, felt like a painter after a week!    
  I love my job, I love my job!    
      Happy Detailers
Is she gone????

Lise, Lynne and Peg

Guest from around the world stop by to see what we are doing! Don't mess with my pig! Where's the party face?
    Helen the lantern expert. Detailer survivor rations
We all need a sugar high...Beats eating the shredded coconut GRRRRRRRRRR   Yep, that's our age!
There you are Alan! What in the world...... Time is getting tight...More help! More More More!
Not Yet!      
  Is Rick in there? Liz & Gene
We will be back next year!
Lantern specialist
Scott (L) and Rick (R)
Hey Scott, didn't we take the same picture last year with some big birds?  More celebrating of the lanterns completion....Where's Cindy? Hey guys, down here!  Lori, what's a red jacket mean??? Tracy's unusual tool holding device!
Judgment Day.

Early December 31st. the floats are completed, the people who will be on and around the floats as part of the presentation are in place and waiting for the judges bell to start their "Dress rehearsal."  The float must be presented as it will appear when it moves down Colorado Blvd.  New Years morning.   The excitement in the crowd can really get to you!  Then again the bell sounds  signaling that time is up for the judging of the float, more applause, pats on the back and high fives yet no one knows if the float has won anything! 

      Hey, they're lanterns!
It's Judgment Day!      
Award winning float designer Raul Rodriguez.      
    She's riding in a place of honor!  
    It took us a while to get this detail completed!  Looks GREAT gals.  
And then it happened!
They did finally move the 30! O M G!!! There is well over 100 years of float detailing experience seen here!  What do you suppose they are looking at???? Let's get a little closer!
Who stole my "E"
 I would like to buy a vowel
Cindy tells Lise that there should be a person marching next to it. Hey, we are detailers, not English majors.  Bailey's anyone! OK, ENOUGH ALREADY. Fortunately, the crack repair crew fixed the oops with no problem!
  Pac Man getting his revenge!
Oh yeah, there's the 30!
Just one more laugh Cindy! Did you catch it, did you, not me!
Happy New Year, 2011!

It's very rewarding to know that your work will be seen by millions of people from around the world.  Our group of detailers have formed quite a bond over the years.  Our detail family as its fondly known. 

We hope that you can join us next year to help make the 2012 Rose parade a real hit! 

Parade pictures compliments of Ann.    

Videos coming soon!

I can almost hear Lori now...Yep, so is next year!


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